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In Memoriam…Bill Watson

th with the passing of Bill Watson.  Bill was the founder of Watson’s here in Cincinnati But he far surpassed being a local icon and was respected nationally, and was a major force in developing successful selling and marketing strategies that took the pool and spa industry to new heights.  Retailers all over the country copied his style and methods.  Bill sold Watson’s many years ago but continued to be active, establishing several new companies.  He was after all, the consummate salesman and as such, he HAD to keep working and perfecting his trade.  It was his nature and selling was in his blood.  About twelve years ago, he shared his knowledge and expertise, doing training classes for us here at Eastgate Pools & Spas.  He was in a word, superb and listening to him was like being a small child sitting next to an old time baseball player, attentively listening to him tell stories from the past. When I first starting doing our television commercials years ago, I received a call from Bill Watson.  He just wanted to tell me that he liked the job I was doing.  He said I came across as honest, friendly, and believable.  I was always impressed and honored that he took the time to make that call and I remember it fondly. Thank you Mr. Watson for your service to the industry and thank you for sharing your wisdom.  You will be missed. On behalf of everyone here at Eastgate Pools & Spas, we send our deepest condolences to Bill’s family and friends.  –Max]]>



Written by Max