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Inground Pools . . . When Do You Stop Installing?

inground pool installed.  They wonder if there will be any usable time left this season and that is often what convinces someone to hold.  I’m here to tell you to try to look at the big picture.  Even a reduced swim season this year or no season this year can be worth.  We can still offer great savings and avoid any potential price increases from the pool manufacturer.  The weather conditions tend to be more favorable with less rain to slow down digs.  This also means there is less damage to the yard with equipment.  One major plus is landscaping.  Many will tell you that the fall is one of the best times to do landscaping as it will provide you with a beautiful look from the very start of the year.  Our excavator and installation crew will likely work up through November and possibly beyond, so don’t hesitate to have your pool put in now.  Consider it beating everyone to punch next year…with a lot less mess and the potential for greater savings.  Hope to see you soon! Craig]]>



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