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Craftsmanship, superior quality control and careful attention to detail have made us Greater Cincinnati’s Premier Pool Builder!

Our inground pool crews have been installing our Legacy pools for over a quarter century, making them among the most experienced pool craftsmen in the industry!

A-Frame Superiority


Legacy Edition Pools are designed and fabricated with a heavy-duty steel wall construction. Why steel? Because, just like bridges, high-rises and interstate guardrails, inground pools demand solid support. The A-Frames, with their 2″ x 2″ x 1/8″ angle Steel, are the strongest braces in the industry.

FEATURES:  2″ x 2″ x 1/8″ thick angle steel. Large 90° leveling plate with drive stake to ensure locked-in strength. Adjustable double nut threaded 5/8″ rod allowing adjustment to guarantee a plumb wall alignment.

Strength and Durability


Legacy Edition Pools use only quality zinc coated galvanized steel. Ultra strong with 200% more zinc per square foot than commercial grades.

Benefit: Super strong walls capable of holding tons of water. Durable to resist even extreme ground shifting.

The top and bottom flanges of the Legacy Edition steel panels measure 7″ wide for utmost strength. Couple that with a unique bolt inter-loc system at the side flange. And for extra support, the full flange dual stiffners are also of triple bend construction.

Benefit: The more flange angles . . . the more strength. In fact, 33% more strength than double bend panels. Steel wall strength increases in direct proportion to the width of its flanges.


Progressive Coping


What goes on behind the scenes is incredibly important to the quality of a pool, but the coping edge around the pool is one of the more important finishing touches. Legacy Edition Pools come standard with progressive coping, which provides a durable and beautiful finish to the top edge of the wall. Concrete pours right up to the back of the coping leaving a very low profile edge. Made of low maintenance and sturdy aluminum with a baked on enamel finish, the progressive coping edge will be worry free for years and also smooth for swimmers exiting on the sides of the pool.

FEATURES: Extruded aluminum, not PVC or plastic. Smooth, baked-on white enamel finish allows the concrete deck to be supported by the pool walls and excellent safety grip.