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Investing In Your Pool’s Well Being

What’s new at Eastgate Pools?  Well, if you own a pool or spa, you might be interested in knowing that there is lots of “new” to be found at the test center.  Within the last week, we have taken delivery of our second brand new, state of the art test lab. The first new lab arrived and went into service a few weeks earlier, replacing an older model.  The addition of this second lab gives us the ability to serve two customers simultaneously, meaning shorter wait times on those really busy days when it seems like everyone decided to have their water tested at the same time. These water test labs are the very latest technology available from Palintest, and they will help insure accurate results that will help us to help you keep your pool or spa water clean, clear and safe.  These new labs are costly, but we consider them an investment in your pool’s well being.  At Eastgate Pools, we are committed to being your pool or spa professional.  Try getting a state of the art water test at those big box stores where they don’t know pool water and they certainly don’t test it!]]>



Written by David Brandstetter