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Is It A Spa Or A Hot Tub?

“What’s the difference?”  It is an age-old question and the two terms have become pretty much come to mean the same thing.  But they are different.  A ‘Hot Tub’ historically has been associated with a big round wooden vat, with hot water gently circulating through it.  In the old days, they were heated with wood, then gas.  While still in existence, the evolution of the industry is such that they have pretty much been replaced with ‘Spas’.  Spas have water forced through a series of plumbing lines and manifolds, ultimately delivering water under pressure to muscle groups.  While both a hot tub and a spa are therapeutic, a spa is able to deliver pressurized streams of water to large muscle groups while a hot tub’s primary benefit is hot water therapy. Both are great, but here at Eastgate we sell spas.  But don’t be surprised if we call them hot tubs because like you, we too find the terms to be interchangeable.  –Max  ]]>



Written by Max