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Is Your Swimming Pool Bubbling?

serious problem but it can be an annoyance.  Here are the likely causes.  One, your water level is too low and the skimmer is pulling air into the plumbing.  Two, you may have a hose clamp that needs tightened. Three, if your vacuum hose is attached, you may have a small pinhole in the hose.  Four, there is a union or ball valve that is loose or needs to have an o-ring replaced.  Lastly, and
most likely, it is a deteriorated or pinched o-ring on the wet end of the motor, where the plastic basket is located.  Look there first and see if there is a lot of air visible beneath the clear plastic lid.  If there is, the air HAS to be pulling in from the skimmer to that basket-no doubt.  If your water level is okay, the basket o-ring is your most likely culprit.  Turn off the system and check to see if it is deteriorated, pinched, or if there is dirt on
it.  If it’s bad, when you rub your fingers across the o-ring, it will almost disintegrate and your fingers will get blackened. If you need a new one, we should have it here at the store.  –Service ]]>