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It's Not Too Late

  • Summer officially arrived on June 21 at 1:16 pm.  That means there is a boat-load (or pool-load) of time left to swim.
  • The hottest months are July and August.  Anybody want to take bets on what month is the hottest?  I’ll take July, with August close behind.
  • School doesn’t start up until late August and a few places start in September.  Do you want the kids hanging around the house watching TV and nagging you?  C’mon—get them a pool and have some fun with them.
  • Some people think they will be cheaper this fall or maybe even next year.  Perhaps some people will find a season-ending deal, but we’ve already sold out of about 30% of our models and sizes.  There may not be much selection left because the people that are swimming now got the pool they wanted and are using it NOW!
  • So, do you want to procrastinate for another year or do you want to cool off and have some fun? –Max]]>



    Written by Max