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Just Another Reason to Shop Eastgate Pools

A few weeks ago a friend of mine called me to get some advice on building some outdoor wicker furniture that his Mother-in-law bought him and his wife as a housewarming gift.  I didn’t want to give him a hard time for not consulting me first because this was a gift, so I just asked what the issue was.  He told me that he and his brother spent about 4 hours building a loveseat, a couple of chairs, and a couple of tables.  When they were down to two bolts remaining they found that one of the bolts on the chair simply would not thread in.  When he called the customer service line for the box store where the furniture was purchased their solution was to have my friend disassemble the set, pack it back up, and ship it back while they shipped them a new set.  Not only could they not simply replace the bad piece, or even just the chair, they also expected my friend to spend likely 6 more hours dealing with this “gift”.  As it turns out I was able to rethread the insert so that the bolt would go in and the extra work was avoided.


I didn’t really want to relay this story just because of the bad experience that my friend had, rather I wanted to highlight the high level of service that we provide.  When a customer has an issue with a brand new product you can rest assured that it will be resolved in a timely manner with as little inconvenience as possible.  Perhaps more than anything it made me realize what a great service it is that we offer assembly and delivery for our furniture customers.  I’m sure my friend would have gladly paid for that service if it meant he didn’t have to spend 4 hours of his day building furniture.  Hopefully this example is one more reason why it pays to shop at Eastgate Pools.




Written by craig