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Light My Fire!

New at Eastgate Pools this fall…fireglass from American Fireglass.  This is a beautiful new product we have that can be used in just about any gas firepit.  Even if you didn’t get your firepit here (no, I won’t fault you for that) you can find some really interesting colors to take your gas burner to a new level.  Fireglass is tumbled to eliminate sharp edges for safe handling, and it won’t breakdown over time.  In addition, fireglass can provide nearly three times as much heat  your typical firepit.  The refracted light in the pieces of glass greatly enhance the look of the flame and can really make a firepit that much more of an interesting and functional addition to your backyard.  We also have firebeads in a variety of colors that have an even different effect.  Our Oriflamme firepits have always had fireglass, but this is the first chance we have had to turn more basic lava rock firepits into something more.  Stop in and we can fire up one of our demos for you to see just what this new product can do.  Hope to see you soon!





Written by craig