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Liner Rehangs

When it comes time to have your liner replaced I think it is fair to say that the main goal is to have your pool looking like new again…or as close to it as possible.  There are a lot of factors that you want to consider when having this work done.  Perhaps the most important thing when replacing your liner is the fit of the new liner in a pool that has almost certainly shifted in some form or fashion.  We consider that to be as a critical as any component of a new liner installation, so we always perform measurements before finalizing any liner order.  We even do this on pools that we have installed because we want to make absolutely certain that our customers have the best possible fit for their pool.  A poorly sized liner will be quite obvious, and if you’re anything like me it will bother every time you see it.  We do a lot of liners every year, so if you want to pursue getting a new one and you want the peace of mind that it will be the best possible fit, come see us early so you can get a full season.  It’s our goal to keep that pool as the center piece of your own backyard oasis.



Written by craig