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Longevity And Eastgate Pools

little turnover we actually have.  The shortest tenure of any of our sales people is my son Rich.  And he’s been working here off and on for the last 10 years while he was in high school and in college.  As for the other primary sales associates—we have a couple of 25+-years, 14, 13, a couple 8’s, a 6, and two 5’s.  Service is loaded with crew leaders with over 10 years.  And me?  Well I started building pools in New Jersey while in college at the great Harvard on the Hocking, Ohio University.  This was in 1974, and I’ve been in the pool business in some capacity with Eastgate Pools & Spas almost non-stop since 1982.  All in all, it totals out at 29 years. So when you stop in Eastgate Pools & Spas, know that you are in good hands, with somewhere around a million years of combined experience in the industry.  Well…maybe not a million, but certainly enough to offer you good advice and guidance. —  Max]]>


Written by Max