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Max’s Big Bargain Spa Tent Sale

Eastgate Pools & Spas.  Not only do we have two outdoor tents featuring 1200 sq. ft. of outdoor casual furniture demos and special deals, we now have a third tent set up with some special spas that we need to move!  These are special units.  Several are last ones– one-of-a-kind demos.  There are also a couple that have SMALL imperfections that are leading us to sell them off at BIG discounts.  There is even one that I flat out just ordered wrong for a customer.  They used it for a couple weeks while I got the correct spa in and then we switched them out.  My error but some lucky customer will reap the benefits of my ‘oops’ moment. Stop in on.  Deals are to be had for the lucky that decide to visit.  –Max]]>


Written by Max