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Mesh Safety Covers

mesh safety cover on their inground pool.  If you have had one for a while you probably know how to handle everything when you open up in the spring, but for those that are new to mesh safety cover I have some information that might be useful.  The first thing I would tell you is to open the pool up as early as you can.  If you do this you will cut down on the possibility of having a really green pool when for the start of the season.  Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that you need to watch the water level in your pool.  If it gets to high it could cause problems.  If it high undo a strap or two and pump some water out.  When you do finally pull the cover off in the spring make sure you clean it well and when you fold it up store it in a dry environment away from mice.  The last thing you need is to open your cover up in the fall and have it full of mildew and holes where mice have chewed through it.  If you take a few precautions it will be a breeze when it comes to maintaining your pool.]]>



Written by Eastgate Team