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My Infared Heater

EdenPURE heaters for several years now, and last year we added another option in the Infinity Heat.  I live in an older home in Latonia and thought I would get one of the Infinity heaters to offset the chill (putting it kindly) in my unfinished basement.  While I can’t say that my utility bill decreased I was certainly happy to have a house that was, in general, much warmer.  This year I’ve decided to bring the heater upstairs and try to use it for more of a zone heating perspective.  I couldn’t be happier with how this has worked.  Any area I’m in is nice and toasty, but equally important is the fact that my gas furnace is hardly getting used.  I’m actually looking forward to my upcoming bill because I know it is going to be such a big savings over last year.  If you looking to take the sting out of your utilities this winter I can recommend one of these units…from experience! Craig]]>


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