15 May

Above Ground Pools. Things to Consider.

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Having an above ground pool in the back yard is a dream for many. It’s like enjoying a vacation at home all summer long. But, to make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience, there are pre-purchase things to understand. Are you permitted to have a...
29 Apr

Outdoor Patio Furniture. Tubular Options

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Outdoor Patio Furniture. Understanding Traditional Tubular Options. If you are considering getting a new set of outdoor patio furniture for the deck or patio, you have lots of options. There’s all-weather wicker, cast aluminum, stone or synthetic tables, poly, and even wood. The list...
17 Apr

Pool Chlorine Makes a Difference

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Pool Chlorine Makes a Difference in Water Quality. Choose Wisely. In a previous blog, I assumed that most readers don’t want a rehash of high school or college chemistry. I’ll stick to that and gently discuss why some pool chemicals are better than others...
27 Mar

Saltwater Swimming Pools

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Saltwater Swimming Pools. It’s Time to Take the Plunge! I admit that I was looking for a pool-related pun for this blog title and considered several options. I settled on ‘take the plunge’ because that’s exactly what thousands of happy swimmers do every year...
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