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Old Sayings Are Often True

furniture for his home and he mentioned that they had a couple of chairs at the swim club that they were going to need to throw away. I asked why, and he said that the slings had worn out. He thought the chairs were finished and destined for the landfill, as that is what they had to do with previous furniture that they had bought elsewhere. I told him NO! There are lots of reasons why Eastgate Pools sells Telescope brand furniture on most of our contract furniture sales, and the availability of replacement glides, slings, and other parts is just one of them.  I had the customer stop by with the chairs, and within a minute I confirmed that all they needed were a couple of new slings and some replacement glides for the bottom of chairs.  While I had the chairs in front of me, I also looked for the production sticker that Telescope places on their furniture. These chairs were from 2002, and had served the club for nine (9) seasons. They had never gotten this much life out of previous furniture, and even better news is that once the new slings arrive, they will have more years of service to give. Somewhere, a landfill is also happy! And by the way, as great as Telescope Casual Furniture is for commercial applications, it is even better in residential settings. Let’s face it; it is hard out there for contract furniture!]]>



Written by David Brandstetter