Outdoor Fire Pits & Fireplaces in Cincinnati, OH

The discovery of fire by humans, or more correctly stated, humans controlled use of fire, goes back a couple of million years according to archeologists. And it is a good thing that early humans did learn to control fire as the warmth, light, and protection that it provides is certainly welcomed as is its ability to cook food! For these reasons and more, fire became something to gather around. To make gathering around the fire easier and safer, fireplaces were created.

Flash forward to today and humans still love to gather around a roaring fire. At Eastgate Pools, we have perfect places to gather around the fire with friends and family with our large selection of outdoor fireplaces and outdoor fire tables. Whether your preference is burning real wood or whether you prefer the convenience of burning gas, Eastgate Pools outdoor fireplaces and fire tables will provide your family and friends with the perfect outdoor gathering spot.