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Eastgate Pools & Spas is open year round, we can probably help you with just about any part you might need for your pool or spa filter or motor.  There are some things we cannot get due to other retailers’ ‘protected territories’ but we have a working partnership with several of the largest parts distributors in the country that does allow us to order parts to fit a large number of these manufacturers.  While it’s impossible to keep everything in stock, most of the parts we order can be here within a few days.  Next day shipping is also available in some cases so we can help get you back up and running with minimal interruption.  Please remember that when you come to the store seeking a part, the more information you can give us, the better, such a: pump/filter manufacturer, model name, a part name or description, or an old part number.  When in doubt, if possible, bring the old part in to the store.  Feel free to ask for me personally as I’m familiar with lots of these different manufacturers.  If I don’t know the answer I have an in-house Service Coordinator here most of the time.  Between us, we’ll figure it out.  –Chris]]>



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