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Patience is a Virtue

Often times throughout the inground pool season we will see our start window push further and further out until the weather breaks and we have more opportunities to move jobs along more quickly.  During those times, and even during the closing of the summer months, I notice customers getting anxious about when their pool can go in.  I understand the desire to have something available to use as soon as possible, but I always wonder why someone would want to compromise quality and long-term durability for that immediate swimming.  In business and in life I’ve always tried to not put others down to make myself look better.  If your product and business aren’t good enough on their own merits, then you shouldn’t resort to insulting others to look better.  One thing I am comfortable saying is there is generally good reason why a company can or cannot install a pool in a shorter window.  If you have a longer delay it is likely because you have a good product and don’t want to rush a quality installation.  When the delay is shorter it is entirely possible the reason is a lack of quality and/or sales.  I understand this isn’t necessary the standing rule, but I think it is worth considering.



Ultimately, what has always made sense to me is to make the best choice for you…long-term.  Sometimes it is worth waiting a little longer to get the quality you want and deserve.  Losing a week or a month of swim season won’t likely mean much too you when looking at the pool fifteen years from now, while durability and quality certainly will.  As the only Aqua 100 builder and Hall of Fame member in the region, we have set a standard for ourselves and for our customers that we will not compromise.  This distinction is evidence to support why customers choose us, and likewise, why we sometimes have a longer delay on installation.  Sometimes the demand outweighs the supply.  Our company motto is “the quality you deserve” and we believe in that.  We deliver a quality product first and foremost and we don’t want to rush your job along.  So when you are making your inground pool purchase I encourage you to be patient and not compromise what you deserve for a little extra time in the present.  The result may be less pool in the future.


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