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Pool Cue Tips

Eastgate Pools. From time to time the tips of these cues wear out and need replaced. This is a job that customers often look for help with. We have the items at our store that can help you with this project and here is some advice if you plan on undertaking this project.

  • Essentially make sure the tip and cue surfaces are clean, maybe using a piece of sand paper.
  • Use superglue (ideally gel based as water based superglue can be too brittle) or a cue tip cement to attach your tip.
Then place the tip on the cue and press down firmly with your finger. Leave the cue for as long as possible to form a good bond, ideally overnight at least. We recommend that you clamp the tip down to make a tight seal. (of course we sell this clamp or an entire cue tip repair kit)]]>



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