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Pool Filters and Their Relationship to Water Chemistry

There are two main things to keep in mind with pool season coming around the corner. Filtration and proper water chemistry. As a new season begins we are faced with algae, waste, calcium buildup and numerous metal inhabitants. The greatest thing  pool-owners need to keep in mind is that without proper filtration, water’s chemistry can be improperly balanced. These two work hand in hand like the crank-shaft of a bicycle and its chain. If the chain is off, the gears can turn all day but will not get you anywhere. With pools we find that you can add all the eliminators, algicides and balancers you want but without an adequately functioning filter you will never see the desired results. Whether you are using a diatomaceous earth filter, sand filter or cartridge filter you must assure yourself that the system is functioning correctly.

Some ways to test your filters performance are:
    1. Check your pumps lid. If your pump lid is full of water yet has a small amount of air, this can be a cavitation problem. Cavitation is the presence of air in a liquid line. Air is a sign of pump cavitation and thereby is showing an air leak on the suction side of the system. If you find a leak contact us here at the store and we can offer you ideas on how to check and fix this leak.
    1. Look at the water flow returning into the pool. If the water flow is not returning with force there is some sort of obstruction in the line. Some possible obstructions are leaves or debris in the pump or skimmer basket. These things impede water flow.
    1. A dirty filtration system is another very common issue.
      • With sand systems the filter can be backwashed.
      • With diatomaceous earth systems you can “bump” the filter. Bumping is a process where you knock the diatomaceous earth off of the internal fingers or grids. This dirty diatomaceous earth falls to the bottom of the filter and the usable diatomaceous earth is recycled through the system. If too much of the diatomaceous earth is filthy with dirt and grime you will need to drain the entire system, clean it and introduce new diatomaceous earth to the system to regain proper flow.
      • Cartridge systems can sometimes be cleaned as simply as removing the filter and spraying it with a water hose. From time to time a cartridge will need a chemical cleaning. For these chemical cleanings we suggest FC-5 cleaner which is a detergent and acid based chemical that will cleanse dirt and break down solidified materials in the cartridge.

*NOTE* Cartridges need to be replaced periodically.

Once you have diagnosed your filter you can begin to start balancing your pool’s water chemistry. As always, we can check your water in-store. This enables us the ability to enter you into our system or update your file to cater to your needs. We can then offer you suggestions for chemicals and proper application. Always keep in mind, a clean pool begins with the filter.]]>


Written by Eastgate Team