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Pool Safety – The Basics Are Free!

  • If your pool is fenced and gated, make sure the gate is kept closed AND locked.  A simple combination padlock is the easiest option-something like a bicycle lock.  Too many people leave their gates unlocked, especially if they have a service technician or meter reader coming and nobody will be home.  Leave them the combination and ask them to relock it when they leave.
  • Put an inexpensive contact alarm on doors that lead to the back yard, including ones on sliding glass doors that make almost no noise when opened.  These are the alarms that set off a loud alarm when the two contact points are separated.
  • If you have an above ground pool, make sure the outside ladder swings up and is locked into place.  Don’t leave it in a ‘down’ position.
  • Never, EVER use extension cords to power the pool’s motor.  Make sure all lines are GFCI secured.  And never allow electric devices to operate in close proximity to the pool.  I have personally seen an electric radio on the edge of a wooden deck, about a foot from a pool loaded with swimmers.  DUH?
  • Consider an alarm system for your pool.  We carry several different models of pool alarms and while they aren’t free, you can’t put a price tag on safety.
  • If you have other cost efficient safety means or tips, please post them here.  The more the better.  — Max]]>



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