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Preparing Your Outdoor Furniture For Spring

Feron’s 1 For All Cleaner, which is also known as Feronclean.  (I used to use just soap and water until I noticed that the thin white stripes in the sling material had become thin gray stripes over the years.  Soap and water wasn’t doing the job as well as I had thought.)  I let the Feronclean sit for several minutes, and then I lightly scrub the sling with a soft bristled scrub brush.  With a rinse and a wipe down to dry, the job is finished and my white stripes are white again. I learned from experience how well Feronclean works, and in the years that Eastgate Pools has carried this product, we have heard many stories similar to mine about how well it works.  Of all of the products in our furniture accessory department, Feronclean is the one that is most requested by name. (Legal stuff: read product label before using)]]>



Written by David Brandstetter