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Preserving Your Outdoor Casual Furniture

casual furniture set when winter weather arrives, I just need to make sure my outdoor furniture doesn’t have any water caught in the frame which could freeze and damage the frame and finish.  Some people forget to check for water that has found its way inside their outdoor furniture’s frame, and the resulting freeze damage can be extensive.  Fortunately, many casual furniture manufacturers place small drainage holes on underneath areas of the furniture, keeping things drained.  A quick check for trapped water before freezing weather can save you a great deal of trouble and dollars. pci But, what about those outdoor furniture owners that can’t store their furniture in a covered and more protected environment?  I highly recommend a furniture cover.  At my last house, I had no place to take the furniture set in the winter, so I invested in a good quality furniture cover, and each year I covered the table and chairs after I checked for any trapped water.  A furniture cover keeps your furniture clean, helps prevent water from entering the frames while stored, and in general just protects your investment.  There are covers that will cover the entire set, covers for just the table or chairs, and covers for the accessory pieces like chaise lounges, deep seating pieces and ottomans.  A good furniture cover will increase your outdoor furniture’s life, and they are very quick and easy to “install”.  At Eastgate Pools & Spas, we stock a huge assortment of furniture covers year-round, so just let us know what size table that you have, and we can help you find the right cover for your set and accessory items.  David]]>



Written by David Brandstetter