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Propane Tanks – We Fill Them!

First, a little education: All tanks have a date stamped on the side of the handle. It will be a month/year date, such as 02/10.  Your tank is valid for 12 years from that date.  After that, it can’t be filled without first being re-certified by a licensed propane wholesaler.  Also, all tanks must have a triangular valve handle.  If it is round, it cannot be filled.

Now the sales pitch: We are competitively priced with the exchange places but we give you more propane.  On average, our fills are approximately 4.5 gallons.  Exchange stations usually give you around 3 gallons.  In other words, we are the better deal EVERY TIME.  And you get to keep your own tank that you know is in good shape.

In short, who better than us to help you with your gas issues?  –Max




Written by Max