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Rack 'Em Up

Eastgate Pools I’m excited to get back to talking pool tables.  My background has always been in furniture and that immediately helped me to understand what goes into a good pool table.  Buying a quality pool table is simple if you know going in to not let yourself get too caught up by a manufacturer name or a sales pitch.  The most important things to look for in a quality table are solid wood top rails and aprons, a slate playing surface, and quality natural gum rubber cushions.  If you have these three components you are well on your way to a product that will be with you for years and years to come.  The rest of the details are just about what kind of furniture you want.  Naturally, a solid wood construction is very nice and routing in the cabinet can be very attractive, but they aren’t necessary for the durability of the table.  In other words, if you see a table here that you like you can buy based on the look and price you like.  No matter what you choose you can feel comfortable knowing you bought a table that will play and last just as well as that brand X table your friend paid $5000 for.   –  Craig]]>



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