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Reds Postseason Dreams

This is the year. I am calling it now. We have been mired in slightly better than mediocrity all year, but here at the end of the season it all has become clear and the pieces are falling into place. Johny Cueto is back in action and looks like he will be in early season form (which for him is the best portion of the season).  Sean Marshall looks like he may be back to befuddle left handed batsman and Billy Hamilton is thieving bases all over the place and the team needs to give Billy Hatcher a starting gun for whenever Hamilton is on base. I know what your thinking. Your thinking that the Reds have done this before. They’ve given you hope and trashed your dreams. The difference this year is, complacency. We have settled into failed hopes and expect the past to repeat. This is exactly when life decides to mix it up and throw you a Sean Marshall curve ball. All it takes is to get hot for a couple weeks. Just try not to expect it. ]]>



Written by scott