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Safety Covers – Solid or Mesh?

  • Less expensive
  • Light-weight
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Mesh-Negatives:
    • Let’s sunlight through so you can get a little algae growth (even on the Block 90+ units)
    • Fine dirt can wash into the pool
    • You may have to pump water out of the pool during the winter
    • Blocks out light—no algae growth in pool
    • Debris is kept out (except those earthworms that seem to crawl into everybody’s pool)
    • Water level stays where you want it—no pumping water out of the pool during the spring months
    • Safe for kids and pets
    • A little more expensive than mesh
    • Heavier and more difficult to put on the pool, especially BIG pools
    • Has to be pumped off when there is a thaw.
    The decision is yours.  If you want a clean, clear pool, and don’t mind spending a little more, get a solid cover.  If the budget is tight, go with a mesh but plan on a little more work and chemical expense in the spring.  One question I always ask is this:  “If you spend a little more now, in one year will you be glad you spent more or will you wish you had?”  That has to be your answer. Either way, both covers offer a much safer, tidier look for those long, cold winter months.  –Max]]>



    Written by Max