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Salt System – Cell Cleaning

salt system chlorine generators.  It is recommended that

they be periodically cleaned and this is simple.  First, turn off the power to the pump.  Next, unplug the unit from the control box.  Then disconnect the two unions that are holding the two cells in line.  Take the entire cell unit off and put it in a bucket.  Mix a solution of one part muriatic acid and three parts water.  (Please note that muriatic acid is VERY strong so make sure you don’t spill it.)  Carefully pour the solution through the center of the cell.  You should see an instant change as the calcium is removed.  In some instances you may need to repeat the process or increase the solution to
a stronger 1 to 1 mix.  Follow the acid’s disposal directions that are printed on the side of the muriatic acid’s container.  (To get Step-by-Step instructions with photographs go to: www.eastgatepools.com/tips/cellclean.htm). Put
it all back together and enjoy your beautiful Eastgate Pools & Spas swimming pool. – Service Department]]>



Written by Eastgate Team