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Save Some Money…

September 1st.  With each county having additional sales taxes, rates vary by county.  By law, for product we deliver, we must charge the sales tax rate for the county in which it is being delivered so your actual rate may vary. But effective September 1, the rate across the board in Ohio will go up ¼ %.  Not a lot, but for every $1000 of purchase price, this will add $17.50.   If you have been considering a hot tub, casual furniture, grill, or other taxable product, if you purchase and pay in full before September 1, you will save $17.50 per $1000 spent.     I recommend buying and paying in full before September 1.  The savings on a $6000 hot tub would be $105 and that buys a lot of groceries, a nice night out, or a couple tickets to see the Reds go whoop up on the Pirates or Cardinals.  –Max]]>



Written by Max