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Save Your Umbrella & Save Your Table!

I have been in the swimming pool, spa and casual furniture business since 1980, and I have seen many changes.  Some things never change, though.  Each year, too many people have to prematurely replace their patio furniture umbrella and/or patio table, all because they left the umbrella up when they weren’t home. Just one example is the following true story. A few years back, I was delivering some casual furniture to a customer’s home.  They had taken delivery of a patio table and chairs a few weeks earlier, but had ordered a couple of additional accessory pieces.  When these pieces arrived, the customer had told me to deliver them out anytime, even if they weren’t home.  That afternoon, when I arrived at the house, I noticed that the umbrella was up, and I also knew that the weather forecast had mentioned potential storms.  I lowered the umbrella, and sure enough, the storms came later that day.  A few weeks later, that same customer was calling to find out about ordering a new umbrella and patio table.  You guessed it!  They had left the umbrella up again and another storm came through and damaged the umbrella and table. Sails move sailboats, and when an umbrella is left up and unattended in windy weather, you have just installed a big sail on your outdoor table.  When I work with casual furniture customers, I always recommend leaving the umbrella down except for the times when the outdoor furniture is being used and enjoyed.  A minute of precaution can save you lots of money and aggravation.  David]]>



Written by David Brandstetter