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Are you ready for a better above or semi in-ground pool? You've found it!

A perfect option for sloping terrain

Are you looking for a better above ground pool? Do you have a backyard that would otherwise require a retaining wall to install a pool? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you need to check out our Sensation pool from Wilbar. Unlike most above ground pools, the Sensation pool can be placed into a hillside, making a retaining wall unnecessary. And the Sensation pool with its R10 insulated walls, aluminum components and modern look raises it above most other above ground pools.

Available in eight (8) round sizes, five (5) oval sizes and four (4) free form sizes and able to be installed above ground or semi-inground including into hillsides, the Sensation pool is perfect for just about any yard!

Stop in today and let us show you our sensational Sensation pool!