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Should I – Can I Install My Own Aboveground Pool?

above ground pool.  Get the ground level-don’t just eyeball it.  Use a long level on a 2-x 4 or better yet, rent a small builder’s level transit at your local tool rental facility.  They are easy to use and the rental place can show you how to use one in just a few minutes.  The second rule is make sure you keep it round.  Get a steel wind-up tape measure, locate the middle of the pool and once you start putting the track down until the time the wall is completely up, keep checking to make sure you have not knocked it out of round.  It is VERY easy to get it back in round UNTIL the pool cove is put in place.  At that point, the walls are pretty much locked into place.  The second type pool is an oval pool and it is much harder for the do-it-yourselfer to install.  The key word is ‘harder’, not ‘impossible’, but there is a lot more to the installation and there are lots of angles and measurements you will need t make.  For these, professional installation is recommended.  -Thomas]]>



Written by Eastgate Team