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A hybrid system with just three components to add per season

Max West on Simple Salt

Simple Salt
Simple Salt image

Above ground pool owners have been searching for a quality, effective alternative to old-fashioned chlorine. Some have tried a salt-system chlorine generator. While they are effective on smaller pools, they generally don’t make enough chlorine on pools over 15,000 gallons. But the biggest problem has been the corrosive effect the salt has on walls and toprails. Plus, splash out runs down the walls and destroys the bottom tracks. Many pool manufacturers have even gone so far as to void warranties if you are using salt-systems. Not Good!

A better alternative is the Simple Salt System. This is a hybrid system that uses a very small dose of salt to raise Total Dissolved Solids levels (TDS). Whereas a traditional salt system requires massive amounts of salt – often hundreds of pounds, Simple Salt needs only a small amount that will not affect your pool. So how does it work? The main chamber slowly adds small quantities of copper to your pool, and transference is done through TDS levels, helping the copper move throughout the pool. This small amount of copper keeps algae under control. There are just three components you need to add throughout the season.

At the start of the season, add one bucket of Prime. This contains metal removers, water clarity enhancers, and most importantly, sodium tetraborates. Algae must have CO2 to survive and the sodium tetraborates inhibit algae’s ability to consume carbon dioxide. Algae are virtually choked out of your pool.

Every two weeks, add Vivid, a natural enzyme that breaks down oils and minimizes waterline build-up. It also helps cartridge filters operate at peak efficiency.

Weekly, add Shimmer. This is a hybrid shock that contains more sodium tetraborates and calcium hypochlorite, a strong and effective sanitizer that kills bacteria and combats algae.

When it is time to winterize, add Shield. This is a one-step winterizing product that will help keep your pool looking crystal clear when you take off the cover to start the next season.

The benefits of the Simple Salt System are countless. Water feels softer, bleaching is reduced to a minimum, red-eye syndrome is virtually eliminated, and with proper use, algae is contained, controlled, and eliminated. And all for just slightly more than traditional chlorine systems that offer none of the above.

Stop in and talk with an Associate today and find out how simple it is to make the switch to the Simple Salt Water System and a better way of pool maintenance.