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Simple Spa is THE Spa Solution…Solution

For a few years now we have been predominantly putting new spa customers on our Simple Spa program.  I won’t get into every detail of the program, but I thought it important to elaborate on the one component that most frequently gets ignored.

The actual Simple Spa solution is a combination of 12 inert salts that you add weekly to break down what we call the slime layer in your spa, or more specifically to combat biofilm build up.  If that doesn’t sound pretty, it isn’t.  Within two hours of adding water to any container this biofilm layer will begin to form allowing a safe place for bacteria growth to occur and making it more difficult for normal sanitizers to eliminate said bacteria.  Simple Spa is the only product proven to eliminate biofilm and prevent it from coming back.  It is so effective that the medical industry in Europe uses a similar solution to flush and clean wounds.

What does that mean for the user?  Your water is cleaner, clearer, safer, and feels better.  All of this results in a better overall experience for the spa user.  Many of us have switched over to using synthetic oil in our cars to improve performance and keep engine components cleaner and longer lasting.  This product does many of the same things for your spa.  Calcium deposits don’t build up in jet bodies, on heating elements, on seal sets, or in plumbing lines.  It is the ultimate measure of service prevention.

More than anything customers that use the product know the quality of their spa experience.  When customers start out on the Simple Spa program it isn’t uncommon for them to stick with the basic components and eliminate the solution the next time around to save a few bucks.  The vast majority of those customers are back in no time because that experience suffers.  The water just isn’t the same without it.  We have always tried to improve the experience of pool and spa ownership and this is one of the most effective products we have ever offered to do just that.  Reducing maintenance, reducing chemical consumption and necessity, simplifying ownership, prolonging product life, and providing worry free comfortable and fragrant water all benefits of this remarkable product.  Even better, this can be used with any chemical system we offer.  If you are looking to change what you use on your current spa or just want to enhance the quality of your spa experience I would absolutely recommend adding Simple Spa to your routine.



Written by craig