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Sizing your winter cover, part 1

stdcvr We need to calculate your pool size based on overall dimensions, including the step. If the step is on the end, that effectively turns your pool into an 18 x 40 as far as winter cover requirements. Thus, we would recommend a 20 x 40 pool cover. Total cover dimensions are five feet larger than the pool size, making this a 25 x 45 foot total dimension. This leaves you plenty of room for those fun blue water bags that hold it down. If your steps are on the side, your effective pool width now goes to 22 feet. This will usually get you a cover that is longer than you need but just fold any excess under the cover or cover more of the concrete on the ends. Either way—no problem. Remember—if you have steps that add to the length or width, let us know or you will get a cover that simply doesn’t take cover the necessary area. Eastgate Pools & Spas ]]>


Written by Max