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Sneaky Dangers

pools and bringing out their patio furniture.  However, don’t let the sunshine and 60+ degree temperatures fool you.  Danger may still be lurking around the corner.  Don’t be frightened, I’m only talking about freezing temperatures, but this is something that can be harmful to your pool or patio furniture.  If the water in your pool is not constantly circulating, it could easily freeze in your filter or in one of the lines.  Also, any water that accumulates inside the tubing of your patio furniture should be drained.  When water freezes, it expands by 9% often leading to the cracking a splitting of your pipes.  If water can expand to crack rock, I think it can easily crack PVC, plastic, or aluminum.  Freeze damage is never covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, so please save a huge headache for yourself and keep an eye on the weather.]]>



Written by Eastgate Team