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So….You Really Like Your Hot Tub

Working for a pool and hot tub store has its benefits.  As I run our hot tub program, I’ve seen lots and lots of hot tubs over the years.  I’ve seen every change and innovation that has come along.  Some things work while some things haven’t been quite as successful.

I’ve also owned quite a few.  My first was a small three-person tub that had five total jets.  I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread!  Then somewhere along the way I upgraded.  It had lots of jets, but not nearly as much water movement as I thought.  (Editorial comment:  that is a common theme in today’s market—jet numbers sell, but how much water is really going through the hot tub?).  My third was a little bigger and boasted jets for the calves and hammies.  It definitely moved the most water of the three and I really liked it.  Recently, I got number four.  It is one of our current models and in a word, it is amazing.  Old #1 moved about 60 gallons of water per minute, while this one moves approximately 400 gallons per minute.  Better plumbing, better pressure control…better EVERYTHING.

The point of this message?  We have lots of customers that love their old hot tub—all 4-6 jets and all 60 gallons of flow per minute.  Well, that’s fine, but as you are truly a hot tub enthusiast, why not get current.  The difference is like a computer from 15 years ago vs. now.  There is no comparison.  So get your suit, come in, and try out the newest technology.  –Max




Written by Max