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Some Do’s and Don’t’s of Pool Ownership:

  • Don’t take the skimmer or vac head off the vac pole.  Kids sometimes will drop the pole in the pool and the ‘bare’ end can punch a hole in your liner.
  • Don’t curl up automatic vacuum hose.  It will develop a memory and your auto vac will not work properly.
  • Do shock your pool weekly, regardless of your chlorine level.  Shocking keeps your chlorine in a free, working state and failure to shock weekly will ultimately result in your water getting algae.
  • Do use our Power Magic shock.  It is a bagged chlorine shock that has sodium tetraborates in it.  This is a proven algae fighter.
  • Don’t use big box store or grocery store liquid shock.  It is usually weaker and frequently old, which further reduces its effectiveness.
  • Do keep all gates closed and locked when nobody is home.  If you have an above ground pool, keep the safety ladder in the ‘up’ locked position when not in use.
  • Don’t ever dive head first into a pool that you are not familiar with.  Make sure the pool is rated as a diving pool and know where the shallow end is and where it is safe to dive.
  • Don’t let anyone swim in your pool wearing a swimsuit that has been used in another pool that has algae.  This is the most common way that algae can move through neighborhood pools.
  • Don’t just add chemicals arbitrarily because you think the pool needs them. Some things stay in the water from year to year.  Let us test your water for FREE and we can guide you through the process.
  • Do have a safe, fun filled summer with everything you need for your pool easily found here at Eastgate Pools & Spas.  And did I mention that hot tubs go hand-in-hand with swimming pools?
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