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Spring Is Here – It's Pool Time!

the Reds—start to play.  (Sorry—I forgot about the Cyclones.)  And warm weather mean it is time to get out of the house and into the back yard.  Time to open the pool!  Don’t have one?  Then it’s time to get one!  Why wait?  Whether it is an above ground or an in-ground, don’t find yourself watching the neighbor swimming in their pool while you await delivery and of yours.  Early bird buyers have two major advantages over the procrastinators.  1) You get the years best pricing and 2), you get the early install dates.  Do you really want to wait until summer is half over and the waiting list is as long as the play-list at a Bruce Springsteen concert?  Which by the way, if you’ve never been to a Boss concert, you’re missing out on a GREAT concert! But I digress.  Get the pool, enjoy the ENTIRE summer, and repeat it next year… and the next year… and the next, and….  –Max]]>



Written by Max