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Stocking Stuffers And Goodies Under The Tree

How about a nice bottle of pH increaser inside that special someone’s stocking? Or maybe a small bottle of PVC glue.  It’s always handy to have just in case a plumbing line springs a leak and it’s always in good taste!    I might also recommend a nylon waterline scrubber for spas.  We have them in a variety of colors as long as the color you want is white.  And lastly, what holiday get-together around the old gas fireplace would be complete without a bottle of gas log soot remover?  Ah – it will take you back to a better more carefree time.  Memories last a lifetime. Okay – maybe there are some other ideas I could recommend.  Air hockey, foosball, poker and game tables, ping-pong, basketball shoot-out games, pool tables, billiard golf, spa aroma therapy gift packs, pool floats and chairs, squirt guns, tanning oils and tanning beds, a new hot tub cover – a new HOT TUB!, a pool opening next spring, a $25 gift card, a $250 gift card!, a new pool liner, a safety cover, a recover job for the family heirloom pool table, a floating beverage cooler, a patio furniture set, a patio umbrella, umbrella lights, a slide for the above ground pool, an auto cleaner for the pool, floating pool lights, spa steps, pool steps, pool cues, tip repair kits, dart boards, darts, dart cabinets, live chickens, pool noodles. Okay – we don’t have live chickens but we do have all the other stuff . . . and more. –Max]]>



Written by Max