Liners & Pool Covers

. . . Thanks to you guys, my pool no longer looks like the neighborhood eyesore.
Janet M., West Chester

A swimming pool is only as good looking as the liner inside, and Eastgate Pools & Spas is proud to offer a variety of liners sure to please the discerning pool owner. Choose from a variety of printed designs or stick with a standard blue that makes the water shine.

We have a good selection of overlap liners.

Stop in today and see how you can restore that new-pool look at a price that is far less than you might think.

Solid Blue
Boulder Swirl
Swirl Bottom
 Please call (513) 528-4141 to check availability of liner for your swimming pool size.

Aboveground Swimming Pool Covers

Winter Covers


The polyethylene cover is available in three weights. Made from quality woven polyethylene, the covers are manufactured with a black underside to impede algae during the winter months.

We stock a full selection of pumps to remove the water from the pool cover in the off season. Various models will offer different benefits as far as rate of removal, and automatic on/off features. Removing the water from the surface of the pool cover will extend cover life and prevent potential problems in the future.

EZ Drain Covers

Auto Draining Winter Cover for Aboveground Pools



Leaf Covers

Tired of leaves accumulating on your swimming pool cover and creating a mess of your pool in the spring? Here’s a solution. Put the leaf cover over your winter cover and when the leaves stop falling remove the cover and leaves.