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Sundance Spa Advantage

Last December one of the premier lines of spas became available to us and we enthusiastically took them on. Sundance Spas offers a truly unique spa ownership experience. Sundance offers a combination of luxury performance and quality that is unrivaled in the spa industry. Around 5 years ago Sundance rolled out their Fluidix ST jets, a true game changer is spa technology. Jets on spas have always been the Achilles heel on a spa. Everyone likes a jet that gives movement to the water and in the past and still today spa manufactures accomplish this by putting ball bearings into a jet and the force of the water swivels the jet around. The problem with these type of jets is, ball bearing and water aren’t a recipe for a long lived product. The jets eventually get calcified and stop spinning or the bearings wear out and the jets pops out spitting ball bearing into the tub. In either outcome, the customer needs to replace the jet (and there are lots of jets on a spa). The Fluidix ST jet from Sundance has done away with all moving parts of a jet and gives the bather an unparalleled massage experience far better then your typical jet with bearings. I personally sold these jet in Cleveland at a retail store I once worked for and since I’ve been around them, I haven’t seen one jet malfunction. Most spas offer a one year warranty on jets, due to the fact that they don’t last very long. Sundance offers in industry leading 5 year non prorated warranty on their jets!

There are many, many reasons why Sundance is the best spa in the market today. However, listing them all in this blog would turn it into a novel. So, when you get a chance and if you are in the market for the best spa available, stop by Eastgate Pools and find out what the best spa looks and feels like. You can also check them out more at-  www.sundancespas.com .


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