Swimming Pool Liners—Shortage Alert

Once again, Mother Nature has reached out and given the swimming pool industry a giant “not so fast…” to the 2021 swim season. Extreme cold in Texas caused massive power outages, resulting in plant shutdowns and damages in resin and petrochemical plants. This affects the swimming pool industry as these are the industries that produce the materials from which pool liners are made. In short, there will be liner shortages this spring and summer.

How this affects us is obviously significant. We ordered this year’s liner supply last fall and based our order on projected sales of new pools, as well as what we would need for estimated customer replacement needs. We have not and will not receive everything we ordered in a timely manner and have been advised that what we must pay will go up significantly. Our suppliers can do this by declaring force majeure, a legal statue that allows them to void contracts to buyers due to an “extraordinary event or circumstances beyond their reasonable control”. 

Many of you will soon receive our 41st Annual Anniversary Sale Flyer in the mail. This flyer was prepared and sent to our printer before the Texas freeze occurred and printed before we were advised of the liner shortage issues. There is a large section of the flyer listing our annual specials on replacement liners for above ground pools. We will honor these prices for any in-stock liner available for sale over the counter, but quantities are extremely limited. Once our available in-stock supply is gone, we will be unable to take rainchecks for our next order as these will have to retail at a higher price. Lastly, it is possible that some sizes listed in the flyer may be completely out of stock when the sale starts as inventory numbers change almost daily.

We apologize for any problems or shortages that occur, but hope you understand these are all issues that are beyond our control.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions.