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Swimming Pool Opening Tips

tips to make things a little easier.  First, when you are ready to start the old sand filter always start it up in the backwash position, after backwashing always rinse the filter before going to the filter position.  Remember to stop the pump each time you change the position lever.  Always start the season with a clean filter, be it Sand, Cartridge, or D.E.  Second, shock the pool with liquid chlorine before vacuuming the pool.  It will make it easier to vacuum.  When the water is this cold as it is in the spring use liquid chlorine, as the powder shock may not dissolve before hitting the bottom of the pool. This could leave bleach marks on the liner.  Third, after this is all done and the pool has run for at least 72 hours bring us
a waster sample.  This
time gives the old water and the new water a change to get mixed together so we can get accurate readings to properly balance the pool for a carefree summer. This time frame is really important for those with mesh safety covers and salt pools.  These pools generally need salt and stabilizer to get things running smoothly.  Hopefully these few tips will make your opening easier.  If you have any questions, please call the store and we will be happy to help you. – Chet]]>