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Tales From The Tub…Hot Tub That Is

The good ones:

  • 1. It sure is easier to go to the fitness and run after warming up and loosening up the old body 1st in the spa. While I am no marathon runner, I run better after some hot tub time.
  • 2. It sure is relaxing and peaceful sitting in the spa and watching as the darkness of night becomes the light of day. I heartily recommend a mug of coffee or tea and then let Mother Nature and your spa take it from there.
  • 3. As much as I really don’t like driving in snow or shoveling it anymore, I sure do enjoy sitting in the spa and watching the snow. Sure, my hair gets wet as the snow melts, but the peacefulness of the snow, the warmth of the water, and the feel of the jets makes for a wonderful experience.
  • 4. Thanks to the power of on demand television, any evening can be a great time to sit in the spa with my wife and actually talk. Catch up with a loved one first and at a later date catch up on your favorite show!
Now a couple of not so good lessons:
  • 1. Shoes, slippers or flip-flops. I need to start remembering to wear them when I go outside to use the spa. While my spa isn’t all that far from the sliding glass doors, it is amazing how cold the pave stones are! Throw a little snow and ice into the equation, and the bottom of the feet sure starts to show its displeasure with my lack of foot ware as I am removing the spa cover or putting it back on.
  • 2. Why did I wait so long? Seriously, now that I have had a spa for 2-years I kick myself for not getting one sooner. It makes me feel physically better, mentally better, and I take more time to just talk with my wife while we soak away for 20 minutes or so. I truly have loved spa ownership and wish I had gotten one sooner.
Happy hot tubbing! ]]>


Written by David Brandstetter