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Talking Turkey

This morning, I was driving to work from my eye appointment.  I passed a small BBQ place in Newtown and immediately smelled deliciousness.  On the fence was a sign advertising that they were taking orders for smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving.  If they taste as good as they smell, well there will be some happy people around Cincinnati.

Once I was at my desk, one of the first emails that I opened reviewed a survey from the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association reporting that 53% of the respondents said that they planned to cook their turkey on a grill, barbecue or smoker this year.  I sense a real trend here and am glad that we now carry Kamado Joe Grills here at Eastgate Pools.  I plan to buy a turkey while they are on special, and then sometime soon our demo Kamado Joe is going to be producing the same wonderful smells that I experienced on the way to work this morning.  Each time we grill here at the store on the Kamado Joe just reinforces that there will be one on my patio very soon.  If you want to talk turkey, smoked of course, stop in and see our Kamado Joe Grills.]]>



Written by David Brandstetter