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Technophile Warning!!!

With my birthday fast approaching my Wife was peppering me with questions about what I wanted and I was absolutely striking out on ideas.  Then it occurred to me…a new TV!!!  I recently put in a nice, yet small, home theater system and the TV in that area has been struggling for the last year or so.  Literally, you have to wait for nearly a half an hour before the picture comes in correctly.  I figured my wife and the in-laws could all go in together and we could get something reasonable, but updated.

We set out to look at a few options and I found what seemed like an unbeatable deal at one of the big electronics stores.  Turns out it was too good to be true.  Someone had mislabeled the sign and I had to start all over.  I wound up finding an LG 50” LED LCD with 3D (why not), smart capability, 120hz, and 1080p.  Great price with a little mail in rebate, but the TV appeared to be a Canadian model.  After a little research I decided it was worth it and we ordered the new set.  That presumably beautiful TV has been sitting in the box in our office for nearly two weeks.  None of my gift givers will allow me to hook the TV up until my birthday on Thursday.  Thankfully the end of torturous waiting period is drawing to a close.  I will let you know how the TV looks.  Stay tuned as I’m sure all our blog readers are captivated by this tale of perseverance.




Written by craig