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Telescope Casual Furniture

Eastgate Pools just bought Telescope Casual’s entire Chicago Merchandise Mart showroom.  You might ask yourself, why was it for sale?  Well, it’s a pretty easy answer.  It’s the beginning of show season for casual furniture manufacturers, with the first of two yearly trade shows being scheduled the week after July 4th.  Casual furniture retailers from all over the USA will converge on Chicago to check out the very latest in styles and colors.  Leading manufacturers, such as Telescope, like to make sure that their showroom is fresh and new every year.  As such, it is out with the old, which is really still pretty new, and in with the really, really new.  Cleaning out their showroom in June also gives Telescope a chance to clean the carpet and paint the walls prior to the new product being delivered and setup.  What does this mean to the casual furniture shopper?  That’s simple.  Great prices on great Telescope furniture!  With an over 100 year tradition, Telescope is known for producing furniture that is comfortable, stylish, and long lasting.  When you put these Telescope qualities together, you have value, and when you add in the fact that you can save 45% off of Telescope’s price index on this special buyout furniture, you have tremendous values.  From our previous experience buying the showroom, we know that the sets go fast.  So if you want to experience Telescope Casual furniture at greatly reduced prices, stop in and see us.]]>



Written by David Brandstetter