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The Alphabet, As Seen Through the Eyes of a Pool & Hot Tub Veteran

Above ground pools.  Started building them in the summer of 1974. Black Diamond.  Cartridge filters that don’t collapse and last longer. Cyanuric Acid.  Better known as chlorine stabilizer, it gives life to chlorine. Diatomaceous Earth.  An alternative to sand or cartridge filters.  Ugh! E-Z Drain above ground winter covers.  GREAT innovation! Floats.  Hey, what is a pool without some floats! Golf.  A floating game for the pool.   No dirt involved! Hydromatic.  Above ground cartridge filter that saves you time, water, and money! Innovation=pool lighting, chlorine generators, ionizers, spa sound systems. Jets.  My first spa had 4.  My next 26.  My current one has 80.  Rock on! Kreepy Krauly.  Great automatic pool cleaner.  Many customer name theirs! Lazy Lounge.  In-ground pool step and seat, all in one. Mira.  One of our hot tub lines.  Made in America by trained craftsmen. Natural Enzymes.  Used on pools and spas to break down oils & reduce work! Oxidizer. Potassium Monopersulfate.  Removes organics from pools & spas. Pools.  Nuff said! Quality.  Products, service, history.  Eastgate Pools & Spas Robotic cleaners.  Aquabot, Pool Rover, Nitro.  One will fit your budget! Service Department.  Ours is professionally trained & as good as it gets! Testing.  Service and sales are tested for knowledge and procedure. Umbrellas.  Around the pool, on the deck. Versatility.  Not your same old hot tub.  Jet, heat, sensory therapy. Water.  2/3rds of the planet is water and we have your share! Xylophone.  Skip the lessons.  Get a pool! Young.   How a hot tub makes you feel.  Seriously. Zeosand.  Alternative to filter sand, filters much finer particles with less changing.  ]]>



Written by Max